Friday, September 13, 2013

A happy home = A healthy home

Today I'm going to write a little off topic, but very important advice to any married couple (or too be married couple)...
A little advice I was given long ago was "A happy home equals a healthy home".

Here is a very quick explanation of some biochemistry...There is a chemical that is naturally produced in our bodies called Cortisol. Cortisol, for the most part, is produced from stress. Too much stress raises cortisol levels quite a bit and suppresses the immune system.  Too much Cortisol in the body, eventually results in a higher amount of belly fat that is near-to-impossible to lose with exercise.  Therefore, bottom line, is less stress equals a healthier and sexier looking body. So, husbands and wives out there, work on reducing stress in your marriage and your daily life with your spouse and you instantly will look sexier. ;)
My husband and I have been so blessed with our marriage.  We both have business that operate out of our home (for the most part) and we get to spend countless hours sitting next to each other in the office, brainstorming ways to improve our businesses.   We both have entrepenurial mindsets, we both are very slow to anger, we communicate great with each other, and we have fun "at work" on a daily basis. Very little stress enters our marriage and I wish that upon all marriages.  Tell yourself everyday...."pick and choose your battles" will be amazed how many things you "argued" about in the past, will not even be verbalized or thought of.  Focus on communicating only positive thoughts and your life will instantly be more enjoyable and you and your spouse will instantly be sexier looking to each other.
I love my husband, Dave Kaminski, and I support all of his businesses: Professional Window Cleaning, Pine Country Window Cleaning, Sedona Window Cleaning, & Terminator Marketing.

Wishing everyone a low Cortisol level body and a super happy marriage!