Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hip Flexor Stretching: Don’t Just Go Through The Motions…

This is one of the key exercises I see runners having a ‘lightbulb switching on’ moment with during our Running Technique Workshops.

Particularly targeting Rectus Femoris, this has to be one of my all-time favourite stretches!

I get runners and triathletes to do this at least once daily, and then pre and post workout. Unless we’re dealing with hypermobile athletes, I don’t feel we can individually ever do enough mobility work promoting extension patterns.

Why do I like this particular stretch so much? With the 20sec isometric ‘butt squeeze’ followed by 20 x 1sec Glute Max contractions, not only are we delivering a strong mobilising effect to the anterior tissues of the Hip, we’re also strengthening the neural pathway (mind-muscle link) for getting those important Glutes kicking-in.

from Run Coaching, Ironman and Triathlon Specialists - Kinetic Revolution

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