Friday, March 28, 2014

Taking care of injuries with an Athletic Trainer

Do you or a family member have joint pain? 

Do you sit at computer for many hours each week and have elbow, shoulder, neck or upper back, lower back or hip pain?
Do you experience joint pain in your knees while taking a walk or getting in and out of a chair?

Do you know that most Americans choose to allow an injury or joint soreness to linger without medical attention, due to the fact that health insurance co-pays and deductibles have sky rocketed? 

People have been rationalizing with themselves and deciding "it's not worth my money or time to take care of this minor injury...I will wait until it gets worse".

If you are one of those people or have a family member like this, please continue to read. I am writing this email to educate you on how our bodies work with regards to injury. When you experience a prolonged ache or pain in your joints, the human body is programmed to find a compensation pattern to take on and minimize pain. The problem with compensation, is force has to then be redirected into another joint therefore, causing multiple body parts to experience aches and pains. Quite often, these simple injuries can be healed by a few exercises or stretches. And sometimes they just need one adjustment and then a few home exercises. But, when compensation patterns start building, then it can take much longer.

There are multiple ways to approach taking care of these aches, pains and injuries. 
1) You could do nothing and just live with your pain, maybe taking a pain reliever periodically and accept the fact your body is just breaking down with age. 
2) You could choose to go to the emergency room or urgent care or schedule an appointment with your doctor for an injection or medication to minimize pain. 
3) Schedule an appointment with your doctor and get an MRI and/or X-Ray to find out there is "nothing wrong" in their eyes and then get a prescription for a minimum of 6-12 physical therapy visits. 

All of these above options, for majority of us, will cost a combination of copays and deductibles and can range from multiple hundreds to thousands of dollars.

4) You can learn about the profession of athletic training - a sports medicine profession - and find a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer near you that can save you tons of money and get your body healed faster then you could imagine...and save you from having to go to the doctor and physical therapist in multiple visits. One stop to an Athletic Trainer is all you need!

Do you know you have an Athletic Trainer owned Sports Medicine Facility located near you in Scottsdale?  Learn more about Efficient Movement- Scottsdale Sports Medicine Center.

Do yourself a huge favor and turn this knowledge into wisdom and make smart decisions about joint pain and/or injuries in you and your family members.  Call the experts at Efficient Movement and schedule your FREE injury evaluation! Yes I said FREE! If your injury is something we can take care of, we will give you a timeline and budget to take care of the injury and you can decide if you prefer to proceed with us or go elsewhere.

Wishing everyone to be more knowledgeable on caring for minor injuries and aches and pains!


Marilyn (Hintz) Kaminski, MS,ATC/L,CSCS

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